How To Book Hotel With Cheap Price

Skills that must be controlled by an independent traveler is to get a cheap hotel, safe, clean and comfortable. For that, there is no need to worry because in the era of online everything like now we can also choose and book the hotel we want through the internet. Currently, there are various sites on the internet that offer hotel booking services such as Reservations.com

The hotel itself is located in any part of the world and the price we pay is generally much cheaper than direct booking via the official hotel website concerned. In order to succeed well here are some tricks and tips for hotel reservations via the internet which hopefully can be applied especially for friends who have never booked at all in this way.

In general, a good booking site meets the following requirements:

  1. Can confirm the availability of the room quickly. So the price is paid, in seconds the site must already send a confirmation note to our email. The confirmation note will include a hotel voucher that we must print for evidence upon check-in.
  2. The final price paid in accordance with the listed total without any additional cost at checkout. Many hotel booking sites that do not include “Hotel Tax and Service Fees” so that at the time of check out we are still withdrawn charges that we have paid. The fee is generally up to 30{7e4e7ba195d3bf7877cbc3e6ff68a64305d8fb739cf3002f7082f8a2f99a4b09} of the total cost of the per night depending on the location of the hotel.
  3. Can guarantee the security of transactions using a credit card. Make sure the site has good encrypted technology so that it can guarantee the security of payment process by using a credit card. Some sites like Agoda even require additional form filling if the name listed on the credit card used in the payment is different from the customer’s name.
  4. Have a prompt and good response when there is a problem. Customer Support should be contacted 24/7 and immediately provide solutions when there is a reservation constraint.

After knowing the good booking site, it’s time to start shopping. The choice of a hotel is personal in nature, depending on the individual person. I myself prefer a hotel that is close to the MRT, terminal or station because there is no need to pay extra for a taxi ride.

How To Get A Cheap Hotel :

Cheap here does not  literally cheap! The dream is, of course, the price sloping but the quality remains good. The ways I often use to get a cheap price, among others :

Being a member of various hotel booking sites is good. By becoming a member we will receive emails that generally contain promotional information and latest discounts.

Often browsing prices through these sites. The price of a hotel can change from day to day even hour to hour. So do not get bored with browsing and looking for prices.