How to Find Out Information About New Yorkers

Whether you’re visiting New York for business or pleasure, there are times when you need to find out some information about someone who lives there. That can be because even though you’re on vacation, they’re proposing a new business deal with you or they could be a future hire for your company. Alternatively, you might have gotten into a fender bender with them or had an altercation and you want to learn more about what you’re up against to help decide your next course of action.

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Where do you turn to get more information?

Searching for People Online

Unless you know the person well, or they are a famous celebrity, if you’ve ever tried to locate details about them online, it’s a challenge. Try wading through hundreds of similarly named people in a Facebook or Google search and you’ll see what we mean. Any information to help narrow down the search is extremely useful, otherwise it’s like looking through a haystack to find a single needle.

There are publicly available records, but it’s not always obvious to anyone that they have access to these records or how to avail themselves of that access. When you want to find people in NY, you need a specialist like Intelius that can provide useful tools to cut through the noise to locate the person or people you’re looking for.

What Types of Searches Are Possible?

There are different searches via a service like Intelius to locate information. Here are a few examples:

People – When you’re looking for a certain individual to check basic information about them, then a people search narrows that down quickly. It will provide a rundown of the information that’s publicly available about them, which is often enough.

People Look-up by State – A lookup of a person by the state, such as New York, is useful because it narrows the field. While a name like ‘John Smith’ will still bring up many results, by restricting the search to a single state, it’s much easier to isolate the right person to get information from the public record about them.

Background Check – A background check is more thorough. This is usually when the identity of the person is already fully confirmed. At that point, a background check can pull up information relevant to whether they’ve had issues in their history that would be useful to know.

Property Records – A check is possible on public property records too. Anyone who owns a property in their name is registered as the owner in the public record and is searchable. If they own a property through a corporation or LLC, that would require a different search and is harder to confirm.

Criminal Records – A criminal records search is useful to know if someone you’ve met has any previous convictions still on their record (some offenses can be later expunged).

The information is out there to find details about people who live in New York, it’s just a question of knowing how to access the information.